Thursday, January 3, 2013

Repowering the Lima engines

Just wondering if any one has any details or can reffer me to a web site for replacing lima mech's
For example I think the;

 44 Lima body
 48 Powerline Body
K & M Mech
 422 Lima Body
SD9 Mech
 81 Powerline Body
SD40 & AR-Kits

SD7, SD9, SD45 Which one fits what body??

Has anyone got any info on this it would be great!

Maybe this might be a new article for the Australian Model Railway Mag?


  1. The February 1997 issue of AMRM has a good table for selecting various US loco mechanisms for Australian diesels. I'll bring it along next Tuesday if you want.

  2. Yes please,,,, that would be awesome !

  3. Save your time and put them all on ebay!
    Then buy some quality stuff with the profits from the Lima's and what you would have spent on better mechs!
    PS the 81 and 48 are Powerline!

  4. try Hollywood Foundry

  5. try Hollywood Foundry

  6. Thanks for the link for hollywood foundry, I have them in my links already. Just was after the american mech's..
    I remember years ago Australian Model Railway Magazine had an article on replacing the 422 lima mech with a SD9, but haven't been able to find anything else..
    Brendan may've have some info on this so till then....